Contract Vehicles

Contract Vehicles

GSA IT Schedule 70 – #35F-0576P

The Information Technology (IT) Schedule, number 70, was established by GSA to provide government agencies with solutions for their various information technology requirements and allow those agencies to procure the products and services they need.

This multiple award schedule grants agencies direct access to the commercial experts who can thoroughly address the needs of the government IT community through twelve Special Item Numbers (SINs).

  • 132-3 Leasing of Products
  • 132-4 Daily/Short Term Rental
  • 132-8 Purchase of Equipment
  • 132-12 Equipment Maintenance
  • 132-32 Term Software License
  • 132-33 Perpetual Software License
  • 132-34 Software Maintenance
  • 132-50 Classroom Training
  • 132-51 Information Technology Services
  • 132-52 Electronic Commerce Services
  • 132-53 Wireless Services
  • 132-60 Authentication Products and Services
  • 132-61 Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Shared Services Provider (SSP) Program
  • 132-62 HSPD-12 Product and Services Components

These cover most general purpose commercial information technology equipment, software, and services. This Schedule is currently open for use by federal, state, and local government agencies. State and local government agencies are able to purchase off of GSA’s IT Schedule 70 by way of Cooperative Purchasing. Hixardt’s IT Schedule allows for choice, flexibility, ease of use, and access to quality businesses in the IT arena. Please contact Hixardt Technologies, Inc for more information and a copy of our GSA schedule or information on our Florida State contract.