Professional Services

Let Us Take the Lead

Hixardt’s professional services team is a group of highly trained professionals that have backgrounds in all types of enterprise and government organizations so that we can provide an insightful lead on your IT projects no matter what the situation might be. Our team includes high-level Six Sigma Certified management staff so that you can be confident that you are working with the best.

Specializing in security, architecture, cloud and virtualization, health IT, infrastructure, and project management; our professional services team is ready to analyze, design, implement, and support all your IT needs.

Contact us today to see how we can save you overhead, streamline your processes and increase your margins – all through superior IT infrastructure!

Harness the Power of Enterprise Architecture

Your business strategy and processes depend more and more on technology, and effective architecture of that technology is paramount. Enterprise architecture can allow executives to leverage their IT to streamline processes and convert valuable data into insights that can lead to better performance, larger margins and even new and recurring sales. Hixardt has the insight and experience working on enterprise architecture projects for organizations of all sizes, and we can customize solutions to your needs and help you align your business and technology assets. By implementing our approach to enterprise architecture, your organization can significantly reduce cost and risk while increasing productivity and efficiency.

The Evolution of Healthcare

Today’s healthcare system is highly dependent on IT and so is the well being of patients everywhere. Moreover, tomorrow’s healthcare system IS IT and it is crucial to start building that infrastructure today.

At Hixardt, we not only understand the technology of healthcare, but we understand the importance of the security, accessibility, and reliability of healthcare information. We are well versed in HIPAA regulations and we own and operate HIPAA compliant facilities where we store and relay healthcare information for the caregivers that depend on it. We also know that the Information architecture goes far beyond medical records and is the crucial backbone for:

  • Remote surgery
  • Digital imaging
  • Medical instrumentation
  • Research & development
  • Prosthesis
  • Bone & matrix modeling
  • And much more with applications and data requirements added every year

Hixardt can help you design the systems and processes that will suit your needs for today while accommodating your needs for tomorrow while staying compliant and efficient. Contact us today and let us help you design your healthcare IT solution.

Welcome to the Future, Let Us Be Your Guide

If you’re reading this, then you are aware of the power, security and efficiency of moving your digital assets to the cloud and virtualizing your workplace. If you are ready, or if you feel like you need more information, then let us guide you. After all – it’s what we do!

Our Professional Services team specializes in virtualization and cloud services and can guide you through the many decisions to be made when moving to the cloud. Options include dedicated or shared, on site or off site, managed or not, and much much more.

Our team can assess your circumstances and needs and then map out a comprehensive strategy for your migration to the cloud.

Contact us today and receive a free consultation on what cloud services and virtualization can do for your organization.

Harness the Power of Enterprise Architecture

Hixardt recognizes the importance of information assurance and system security in protecting our clients’ information and systems. Information technology systems and data are vulnerable to a wide variety of threats from environmental disruptions, human error, equipment failure, and intentional attacks. As cyber attacks continue to grow in frequency and sophistication, organizations must focus on providing adequate information security and a program for mitigating security risks to their information systems.

Recognizing that security requirements are continually transforming in response to an ever changing environment, Hixardt will assess your IT vulnerabilities, review your policies and will lead the initiatives required to implement proper security and practices. The cost of a security breach can be devastating to not only your bank account, but to your reputation as well – a cost that in many cases can’t be recouped.

Is your information safe? Let us assure that it is – and if it isn’t, we can get you there.


Hixardt Technologies can assess the scope of your projects and develop the process and methodology that fits your organization’s needs. You need the right tools and process for the job, and our Professional Services team can develop the perfect combination to deliver the best results every time. This doesn’t mean that all of your efforts have been for naught. Our team can analyze your current process and assets; and often times the right adjustments in the right places can get you to where you need to be. Our Professional Services experts have the experience and knowledge that can be used to subsidize what you already have in place. In the end, you will have the process in place that delivers results efficiently and effectively every time.


Once you have your new process and standards in place, it is time to deploy them. There are multiple means of deployment and our team will act either as project and program managers or can coach your managers in the education of your teams. Whether in groups or on a one-on-one basis to ensure that the methodology is properly put into practice. Between proper education of your existing team and new hire training, your new process will seamlessly become commonplace before you know it.